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SM TIGHT ampoule set, 10 ml x 5

The combination of Organic silicon and DMAE promotes deep skin regeneration, tightens and moisturizes it, soothes and relieves inflammation. Has antioxidant properties.

Allows you to achieve a phenomenal rejuvenating effect on thinned, lost skin elasticity.

Silicon increases the proliferation rate of keratinocytes, combating thinning of the epidermis, weakening skin protection and a decrease in moisture levels.

This active stimulates the number and activity of fibroblasts, thereby increasing the production of collagen and making the skin firmer and more elastic, filling and reducing wrinkles. It also restores the optimal interaction of cells within the body.

These two qualities of silicon — the ability to stimulate fibroblasts and its affinity for collagen fibers — lead to a complete reorganization of the skin fibers, and in combination with DMAE, which has one of the most important properties: it is an excellent antioxidant, the cell membrane is strengthened, so that the latter can more effectively retain nutrients. substances and remove decay products. It is also known that one of the causes of aging is a decrease in the volume of acetylcholine, which causes a loss of elasticity in muscles and skin.

DMAE activates the production of acetylcholine, which results in tightening of sagging muscles and skin. This drug activates the process of blood supply, which is very important in solving such problems as the appearance of wrinkles, dry skin.

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