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Dermaheal SR anti-aging skin - 10pcs/5ml S.Korea

Dermaheal SR is a powerful anti-aging facial treatment which rejuvenates aging skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines. Contains pure hyaluronic acid to moisturize skin & shrink pores , it revitalizes dry & dull skin by stimulating cell proliferation.

Dermaheal SR is a revitalizing meso cocktail for all skin types. The drug reduces the manifestations of rosacea, has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces the manifestations of post-acne, increases skin elasticity, reduces the depth of wrinkles, increases turgor, evens out complexion, and improves skin microrelief. Dermaheal SR is indicated for all skin types, including thin, dry and very sensitive skin of the face and body. A balanced complex of biomimetic peptides, as well as a rich composition of additional components, stimulate the proliferation and migration of skin cells, activate the processes of neocollagenesis and neoangiogenesis, normalize microcirculation, and regulate the processes of apoptosis.

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