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Dermaheal HL prevention of hair loss - 10 pcs/5ml S. Korea

Dermaheal HL is an unique serum for prevention of hair loss, enriched with 56 active ingredients, including 13 vitamins (vitamin A, B1, K), 5 minerals and 4 nucleic acids, which strengthen your hair and bring its healthy look again. 

Dermaheal HL is a mesococktail, the action of which is preventing the problem of alopecia of various origins, hair thinning, changes in hair structure, both in men and women. Strengthens blood circulation to the scalp, promotes the formation of new blood vessels. Restores the structure of the hair follicle, restructures the extracellular matrix. Promotes the growth of healthy, strong hair, increases its thickness by activating self-healing processes. Due to the unique composition of biomimetic peptides and the nourishing part of the drug, the 5-alpha-reductase function is blocked and testosterone is converted into a hydrogenated form - dihydrotestosterone.

Packing box:

10 pcs*5ml

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