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Matrigen Hydra Cellular Ampoule S.Korea 50ml /1 pack

Matrigen Hydra Cellular Ampoule (50ml)

About Hydra Cellular Ampoule

Contains 7 weights of hyaluronic acid and hyaluronic solution more than 10% to fill and moisturize the inside and outside of the skin

Helps to smooth rough skin; strengthening their protective barrier, keeping the skin supple and healthy 

High Concentrated ampoules

Ingredient list:

How to Use:

Open the bottle while tearing off plactic cap, Apply 5-7ml the liquid after cleansing the face. Massage the ampoules until it penetrate into the skin OR use the ampoules with Beauty Deives such as microneedling, EMS, RF, Ultrasonic etc. Apply the moisture cream or lotion as final step.

Packing 50 ml 

Made in Korea

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