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STEBLANC Real Lifting Mask Set 7ml x 8ea+brush Korea

STEBLANC The Project Real Lifting Mask - 1Set (7ml x 8ea + brush 1ea)

-Pore Lifting
-Pore care
-One-step care
-Disposable Pack

STEBLANC the project real lifting mask

- Elastic synergy effect
Of the peptides, which received Nobel Technology Prize, the 3
types of peptide components that attribute to elasticity interact
with skin to present elastic synergy effect.

- Skin protein wrapping care
7 kinds of amino acid, which is critical in forming protein, 
and chitosan, a seal lifting component, are included to help
removing toxic substances and heavy metals, so that swollen face
is relieved and the beautiful shapes are revealed.

- Simple and hygienic home care system
There is no inconvenience of mixing solutions 1 and 2, for the 
product is developed for hygienic one-time-use, presenting a simple 
elasticity and shaping management at home.

Packing: 8Pcs x 1Box. Capacity: 7 ml each mask.

Price: Price is per box. 

Made in Korea
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