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ZENA Hyalnano Filling set 1 box /10 ampoules

ZENA Hyalnano Filling Set  Non Injection Filler

ZENA HyalNano Filler - Non Injection Hyaluronic Acid Filler for wrinkles
What is ZENA Hyalnano Filling?
It is an alternative to anti-wrinkle fillers. It contains 100% hyaluronic acid. The product consists of hyaluronic acid powder and serum. Due to the small size of nanoparticles (from 2 to 4 kDA), hyaluronic acid penetrates deeply into the dermis and removes wrinkles. The same result as when using needle injections.
No pain,no side effect, not injection treatment- Great result.
Removes wrinkles without pain and needles.
Easy to use: can be applied by dermaroller (for home use) or dermapen (by professional cosmetologist only)
It can be used to treat any area of ​​the face and all kinds of wrinkles, even under the eyes
Sterile and safe
Long-term results (up to 1 year)
The effect is visible after the first treatment
Usage method:
1. Cleanse the skin with an antiseptic (e.g. Chlorhexidine)
2. Sprinkle some powder on the area where you want to remove the wrinkle.
3. Penetrate the powder deep into the skin with a dermaroller or dermapen (dermapen is for professionals). For Dermapen you can use a nano needless or 36 or 12 needless cartridge. 
You should treat each one area for 2-5 minutes. Don't be afraid if your skin turns red or you see small drops of blood - this is normal. Total time of one treatment 30-40min
4. After the powder penetrates, cover the skin with HyalNano serum and also penetrate with a dermapen / dermaroller. Appr.10 min for it step
5. You can finish the treatment by applying your favorite face mask to soothe your skin or LED mask. After that, it is also recommended to use any regenerating face cream. 
Ingredients: 100% hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid molecules in the dermis will absorb water for the next 3-4 days. After this period, you will see clear treatment results.
It is recommended to perform 5-8 treatments (1 treatment every week) in order to remove deep wrinkles. For small wrinkles, 1-2 treatments are enough.
One package is enough for 5-10 procedures. All Nano hyaluronic acid powder and solution are sterile and can be use with any beauty device and microneedling therapy. 
Non injection grade. It is working as filler, but you can apply for Eyes area and all dangerous areas, where is not possible to make a treatment even hyaluron pen.
What is Hyalnano Filling treatment? 
More popular questions about it.
Hyalnano powder is spreading in the skin.  Due to the small size of the nano molecules, hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the derma and is spreading there. 
It pulls water, due to the powder it happens slowly and more efficiently.  Powder is 100% concentrated nano hyaluronic acid.  
With dermapen you got the maximum result.  We recommend using needles - 36pins (needles) cartridge.  But, possible to use 12pins and nano cartridge also.
-How long does it last in the skin?
usually we recommend to make it as a course of 3-5 treatment. Effect will be last 8-12 months long, depending on skin types. For dry skin it maximum results!
- How much of the product should I use per area on the face? And what depth of dermapen ,is it ok with 12 pin? I saw also might be with nano cartridges.
You can use 12 or 36 pin. Usually nano pin given a deep hydration, but not as filler effect.Powder is sterile, so possible use even for very deep penetration
- How many times I have to pass the dermapen on the skin to absorb it? Or is it just when you see skin absorbed,it’s enough?
At one area you need to stamping it 3-4 times. Around 30-40min on the face skin.
Amount of powder depending on area and applying areas. From half to 1 ampoule of powder for 1 treatment.
Volume: powder 5x 1 gr, serum 5x 5 ml.
No animal testing.
Made in South Korea.

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