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Carboxyl Geno Cell Carboxy CO2 mask - Professional therapy Medisys Genocell 5 mask+5 gel

Carboxy CO2 mask Geno Cell Carboxy CO2

Medisys Genocell Co2 Carboxy Face Mask Co2mask (Face sheet , Neck sheet)

Oxygenate your skin from the inside out with our revolutionary mask! Our nutrient rich gel gets pushed deep into the skin by way of a CO2 mask.

How to use Carboxy CO2 mask?

1. Inject the gel from the syringe to your face entirely
- avoid eyes areas
- use entire syringe

2. Carboxy CO2 mask how to Apply: 

- Apply the treatment gel and mask after the gel onto your face
- make sure every area of the mask is intact with your skin to achieve the best result.
- press the mask against your face for at least 5 mins
- leave the mask on for 30 mins

3. Remove the mask after 30 mins and wash it with warm water.

Mask Set: 5 pack with CO2 gel (35 ml each) + 5 masks

Made in Korea

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