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SONOPEEL Ultrasonic Peeling scrubber and lontophoresis, Mini Ion Applicator - MULTIFUNCTIONS S.Korea

SONOPEEL Ultrasonic Peeling scrubber and lontophoresis, Mini Ion Applicator - MULTIFUNCTIONS  S.Korea

Sono Peel Features

 Functions of Sono Peel :

1) Skin Scaling(Peeling)  

2) Lifting(Massage)  

3) Iontoporesis (LED Therapy: - Red Light, + Blue Light)  

4) Low Frequency(Types of Gel Patch) massage effect.

Each treatment mode is possible to adjust 6 levels.

Main Features Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber - Facial Cleanser Face Lifting Machine:

• Ultrasonic cleaning and peeling of dead skin cells.

• Fast and efficient ultrasound and anti-aging treatment, dermabrasion.

• Combines 4 professional skin care devices in one:  lontophoresis, Soft peeling, skin nutrition,  lifting.

• Reduce melanin it helps to get a more whitening skin.

• Remove a fine wrinkle and make skin better

• Improve lymph metabolism and blood circulation 

• Make skin immediate reborn.

• Accelerate the absorption of nutrition.

• No side effect for any type of skin.

• Made in S.Korea and easy to carry.

• For professional use.

Sono Peel is a skincare device with four functions which is designed to enable users to do a professional skin treatment easily at home.

SonoPeel Ultrasonic Peeling scrubber Specifications

1) Charging Voltage: 5VDC 1A

2) Full Charge Time: Max. 40MIN.

3) Power Current: Max. 200mA

4) Output Power (Lord 500Ω)

- ION: MAX 2V 600uA

- MSG: MAX 75Vp-p 3mA

5) Output Frequency

- Scrubber: 24~27KHz

- ION: 555Hz

- MSG: 30Hz, 10Hz, 2Hz

6) LED Wave Length

- Red 630nm

- Blue 470nm

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