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MATRIGEN BI PHASE Control Fluid Anti-age EGF

MATRIGEN BI PHASE Control Fluid Anti-age EGF

MATRIGEN BI PHASE Control Fluid is a well-designed solution for improving elasticity, regeneration, moisturizing and aging skin for all skin types.

An effective, low-irritant botanical extract on the skin and a variety of aroma ingredients build up the connection between the skin tissue and the tissue, expecting a resilient and vibrant skin.

 The combination of botanical extracts is a special solution, so it gives the skin a bright and clear appearance and results in better skin tone.

 It is also used with professional skin care equipment for better effects such as iontophoresis or electroporation technology.


A two-phase ampoule that separates moisture and oil.

- Enhancement of antioxidant collagen

-  Cell Regeneration

- Oil • Moisture Balance

- Strengthen skin barrier

What is E . G . F (Epidermal Growth Factor)?

Epidermal Growth Factor. It is one of the peptides that promote epithelial cell proliferation. It is used for transplantation of skin, promotion of wound healing.

 > E . G . F, An epithelial cell adult factor is a protein that is supplied from the blood, saliva and sweat when the skin is injured and helps the wound to heal naturally without scarring.

 > E . G . F is mainly used for skin regeneration, repair,  for the purpose of regeneration for scar.

How to Use?

10ml * 5 bottles/1 box

Made in Korea

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